What do we know about the Eagles, so far???

Photograph of Las Vegas Airport Entrance

The Philadelphia Eagles went 13 – 3 and were a powerful team all year long. In fact, they are one of the best. They looked like champions and played like champions.

We decided to look at their season a little deeper than there 13 – 3 record and saw a bit more of the NFC champs. We watched some of the games 2 or 3 times and found they have a weakness on defense. They can be exploited in the air.

They allowed 227 yards a game in the air and are ranked 17th. It doesn’t sound awful until you realize what ranked below them.

18th was Carolina 11 – 5 and gave up 229 yards in the air

19th Cleveland 0 – 16 and gave up 230 yards in the air

20th Buffalo 9 – 7 they gave up 231 yards in the air

21st New York Jets 5 – 11 and gave up 234 yards in the air

22nd San Francisco 6 – 10 they gave up 235 yards a game

23rd Green Bay 7 – 9 and they gave up 237 yards in the air

24th Houston 4 – 12 who gave up 237 yards a game in the air

I find this very interesting that the Eagles are ranked 17th against the pass and there is only a 10 yard difference from being ranked 25th. That’s really just one pass from Brady when you boil it all down. The Eagles have a so-so pass defense.

These 7 teams ranked from 18 to 25 have a combined record of 42 wins and 70 losses!

This is something to think about.

So is the story about certain coaches watching the Patriots / Jaguars game and rooting for Jacksonville because of a better match up! As Sherlock Holmes would say, “Food for thought!” We will be back tomorrow with more on both teams.

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