Post Season

This is where the big money is made.

wild card weekend

Wild Card Weekend

This is what we call Week 19 (or the Good vs. the Bad and the Ugly!). In 2021, the NFL expanded the playoffs to 14 teams. The 1st seeded teams from each conference are given a bye week and the remaining 12 teams play each other this weekend. This presents an opportunity for a profitable weekend because these six games always contain one or two teams that do not deserve to be in the playoffs. Thus, presenting a mismatch for them and a win for us.

divisional playoffs

Divisional Playoffs

This is the week where the two top seeded teams in the league are back in action. The number 1 seeded teams from each conference will play the lowest surviving seeds from the first round. This week we can easily see who the better team is because several additional factors come into play such as who’s hot and who’s not, injuries, home field advantage, the weather, the benefit of a bye week and the strength of the regular season schedule, to mention just a few of the long list of factors we look at before we take a position.

conference championships

Conference Championships

The Conference Championships, or as we call it, Week 25 of a long season. We have watched the NFL since the Hall of Fame game, through 3 boring weeks of preseason, 18 weeks of the regular season, throw in the wild card and the divisional playoffs and we are now finally ready to watch two great games that will determine who goes to the Super Bowl. The Final Four! Best of the Best! The winners get all the publicity for two weeks. They become gods to their family, friends and neighbors. Every player and coach gets calls from their family tree going back to Adam and Eve asking for tickets. The loser gets the Pro Bowl and a chance to play football one more week. We see it as one more week to get paid.

superbowl championship

Super Bowl

The Big Kahuna is finally here. Week 26. Last call for the alcohol and one final chance to cash in for the 2022 / 2023 season. This week is all about making the right choice. All we have learned still applies. Bet with your head and not over it. Unless there is a clear cut better team, don’t get greedy! Do not get crazy with proposition bets and don’t get caught up in all the hype. This game is about ending the season with a win and getting the gold.

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