We take each NFL game, week to week and evaluate and determine which of the 32 teams is coming into a given game as being either the best or the worst team. In addition to the pre-existing analytics and statistics of NFL teams, we look at information including (and not limited to) our sources around the league, team politics, players, coaches, scouts, and even keep an eye on the GMs., match ups and more to evaluate the potential outcome of any given game. All of this research gives us an edge as we at PFWW can see the slight differences in how the players are approaching each game, mentally and physically. We find and identify a situation where one team has a clear advantage and sometimes a situation where one team has no possible chance to win.

This level of concentration is what separates PFWW from similar services that cover multiple sports each year. We focus exclusively on the NFL, meaning the information you receive from PFWW comes from an NFL expert. This type of studying has led to us developing our own formula that is not seen anywhere else and is proven to be a winner. Our record of accurate NFL picks (70% in 2017, 81% in 2018, 70.5% in 2019, and 70% in 2020) speaks for itself. You can read about our past picks and the reasoning behind them in our blog and on our Facebook group page.

Below you will find further information regarding PFWW’s different packages and, even give you a discount if you decide to join. Please keep in mind, that the all packages are limited. We are not here to reveal our plays to the masses.

Weekly Packages

Our weekly packages are for the bettor who likes the matchups that week and wants to win. The weekly package allows you to get all of our picks for a specific week during the regular season (Weeks 1-17) of the NFL.

The Weekly Package cost only $24.99 per week. It is a one-time charge and covers the week that you have bought the package for. In addition to the weekly package pick, you will still have access to our latest news posts on the website, keeping you in the loop on happenings within the NFL.

$24.99 /week VIEW SCHEDULE
Half Season Package

The half season package is exactly what it sounds like. You are going to get all the picks for half of the season plus a bonus week thrown in.

The half season package comes with three options:

  1. There is the first half of the season (Week 1 to Week 8, with Week 9 thrown in for free).
  2. The second half of the season (Week 10 to Week 17, with Week 9 thrown in for free).
  3. The third option is you hand pick any 8 weeks and we throw in week 9 for free.

The half season package does not include the post season.

The half season package has an exceptional value at only $199.00 per half. If you purchase this package prior to kickoff of the first game and use the COUPON CODE NFLPicks you can take $50 off of your package!

In addition to your half season picks, you will still have access to our latest news posts on the website, keeping you in the loop on happenings within the NFL.

All you have to do is click the BUY NOW button to get your half season package. Remember, if the kickoff of the first game has not happened yet use the COUPON CODE NFLPicks to get a discount off of the normal price of $199.00.

$199.00 BUY NOW
Full Season Package

This is our best package, as it gets you the best bang for your buck. This package covers all of our picks for the regular season (Week 1 to Week 17). Our documented record for the last 2 years has been amazing as we hit 70% in 2017 and 81% in 2018. Make sure you check out our blog or our Facebook group page, Pro Football Winners Weekly, to read our previous posts for the last two seasons. If you want to bet with us all season long, this is the package for you.

Take advantage of our FULL SEASON Picks Today by clicking the BUY NOW button. Remember, $499.00 is the regular price, but buying early and using the COUPON CODE NFLPicks gives you $50 off if you buy today and before the NFL regular season gets underway!

$499.00 BUY NOW
Post Season Picks

Of all our packages that we offer, the postseason package is both our favorite and our clients’ favorite, as it is the most exciting time of the season to watch football and take in the cash. We can explain this in 3 of our 40+ reasons why we love this package and highly recommend it for you. The NFL call it the Wild Card Weekend. We call it the Best Weekend of the Year to show a huge profit. There is always 1 or more teams that don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. They get in because someone else loses, a tiebreaker occurs, or there’s simply a weak division.

The next week is the Division Championships when all the bye week teams step up and show the world some real championship football. Finally, it’s the Championship weekend and we are down to the final 4 teams. This is where the fun begins. These are 3 great weeks of football to recoup our Holiday spending and define those famous words “Happy New Year $$$”.

The picks that we provide for the 3 postseason games only cost $100.00, but only if you buy before December 1! After that time, the cost will be $150 per game.

$100.00 BUY NOW

The Biggest Game of the Year! The 2 best teams of the AFC and the NFC are playing 1 game to decide who’s the best. Because both teams deserve to be there, our pick will be $125. We tell you the ups and downs of each team, giving you our gut feeling about the game and who should be lifting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the night.

IF you have spent $500.00 with us throughout the year, this will be a complimentary pick from us to you for putting your faith in us.

$125.00 BUY NOW
VIP Package Available

Do you want to stand out from the rest of the pack? Do you want something no one else is offering? Do you like to brag that you had the winner? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you should seriously consider our VIP package! This is our best option, giving you everything you need to become a winner throughout the entire NFL season.

The Package Is Limited To 99 Players

This package has features that you do not get in any of the other services! The VIP Package is our special and exclusive package, as it provides you access to our lead handicapper.

Here are the features included in our VIP Package:

  • Coverage of our picks beginning with the Hall of Fame game including the Super Bowl.
  • VIP Gifts sent to you.
  • Exclusive VIP Membership Card with your private account number.
  • Exclusive EMAIL access to Howard.
  • Access to Howard directly by a private phone number and/or text during appointment times on game days.
  • Our VIP Picks are guaranteed and not given out in our other packages.
  • We will contact you, sometimes just hours from Kick off to give you our Guaranteed VIP Play of the Day.

As the season develops our VIP members will receive our guaranteed VIP picks. There are games in the NFL that develop weekly to incredibly high situational football where one team simply cannot compete against their opponent. We cannot tell you how many VIP picks there are as we monitor these teams during the season and last year we were documented at 6 for 6.

How much does this AMAZING package cost? The cost is $1000.00, which is a steal! However, it gets better! If you use the Coupon Code VIPDEAL you can get the VIP Package for $1000.00. This code is available to use up until the start of Week 4.

$1000.00 GO VIP

As we all know, the NFL is a great platform for a sport we all love. This platform, when used correctly, can also provide an ideal opportunity to invest in a game and get a healthy return on that investment. We, PFWW, are here to assist you in that endeavor. We implore you to consider one of our packages so that when the clock runs out, we can all be winners together.