On to the Super Bowl!

Superbowl LII stadium seating

We will write about both teams. Here is a sneak preview why this will be a good game.

Both teams were 13 – 3 in the regular season.

At Home, the Patriots are 6 – 2 and the Eagles are 7 – 1.

On the road the Patriots were 7 – 1 and the Eagles were 6 – 2.

On Offense, the Pats have scored 458 points and the Eagles 457.

On Defense, the Pats have given up 296 and the Eagles have given up 295.

On paper that they are similar in many ways.

They actually are not and, in the next 2 weeks, will explain why. The line is out with New England favored to win by 5 1/2. At this line we have taken a position, however, that there are injuries and a few other factors to be considered before we take the big leap of faith.

Be back tomorrow with new updates and information that very few people are aware of.

Today is a day to turn in all our winning ticket(s) and get paid.

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