How to Read NFL Betting Lines

When betting NFL games, it is crucial that bettors know how to read the odds, the ability to do this will mean a huge difference between making and losing large sums of money. Los Angeles Rams NFL game odds are easily found on different places such as newspapers, sportsbooks, and sports news sites such as ESPN. The odds and numbers of sports betting require no knowledge or sports or almost no mathematical skills. Learning about these odds is important because it will help you make the right decision whenever you bet on any NFL games.  Here is what you should know.


Odds or lines are usually posted for every game during the whole football season up to the Super Bowl. Each team tends to have a series of odds like point spread, over/under, and moneyline. These are not the only odds that you will get, but they are the most common and are usually listed in several locations every week. Different NFL Field Goal Las Vegas online sportsbooks also have other odds such as teasers, pleasers, and parlays.

Money Line

When betting on money line, it means that you are just betting on the eventual winner without considering the underdog or favorite. For instance, when you see -200 for the Cowboys and =200 for the Giants, and you bet on the Cowboys, it means that you bet that amount of cash for you to get a chance of winning $100. The +300 means when you bet on the Giants, you will have to deposit $100 to get $300.

Over/Under or Total

For NFL games, the Over/Under total is usually found on the right size of the point spread and it is the total points predicted for both teams to score. For you to bet on the over/under you should determine whether the total points will fall above or below the listed number. Just like all New York Giants NFL bets, the total point is realized by calculating the past scores, trends, weather conditions or other factors that may affect the outcome of the game. If you believe the game total will be below, then you bet UNDER and OVER if the amount will be higher.

Football odds may appear a bit foreign at first glance for people who are just starting in the betting world. The only challenge of betting on football is getting good at it to make a profit.  The NFL Odds and Daily Lines are quite easy to understand and they can be quickly mastered.