Understanding the Different NFL Betting Options

Betting on the NFL games has become just as popular as watching the actual game itself. Millions of sports enthusiasts from across the world enjoy wagering some money on every game and other prefer to bet lots of cash. Whether you are new to NFL betting or need to brush up your skills before the Touchdown NFL Las Vegas season, you are in the right place. Read our guide to see the different ways that you can bet on the NFL in Las Vegas.

Point Spreads

Point spreads also called sides, spreads or lines are the most common kind of NFL wager. Every game usually has a favorite and an underdog of a specified amount of points. The bookie or odds maker determines this number. A negative number (-) is a representation of the favorite while a positive number (+) shows the underdog team. The teams are usually listed with the visiting team on top, while the home team at the bottom. For example, in patriots are favored by 7.5 points at home against the visiting New England patriots, who are 7.5-point road underdogs.

New England Patriots+7.5

Miami Dolphins -7.5


In terms of popularity, totals come second in popularity after the spread. They are one of the easiest kind of gambles to understand. A linesmaker will set a number for the total points to be scored in the game and you can bet if you think that the Wager Line NFL Las Vegas or final score will be less or more than that number.

Money Lines

If you are interested in just betting on the team that you think will win the game outright, then you will be making a moneyline wager. Even money bets come with their own type of risk just like other bets. Wagering on your favorite team will require you to risk more money. However, wagering on the underdog may also pay you higher rates.

Halftimes and Quarters

You can also bet on the total or point spread for the first half, second half, and individual quarters of a game in many sportsbooks. These bets tend to work just like full total bets and game spread, but they are usually adjusted for smaller sample of the entire game.


Betting on futures simply means waging on a team to win the New England Patriots NFL Championships, conference or division. The most popular are the Super Bowl odds. You may find something such as San Francisco 49ers at 9/1or +900 to win all. This means that if you bet on San Francisco and they end up winning, your bet payout will bet 9 to 1 which mean $100 to win $900. If you still make your bet and San Francisco 49ers do not win the championships then you lose your original bet.


Proposition bets or prop bets are simply bets on how a specific player will perform or what will happen at some point in the game.  A prop can simply be anything a book chooses to put out. You can bet on whether one player will have more passing yards than another this week or if the coin flip in the Super Bowls will be tails or heads.

Betting on the NFL is quite popular around the world. However, not everyone knows how to bet or the different types of wagers available. The above information can come in handy when you are looking for different types of NFL Live Betting Odds Las Vegas residents make.