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Pro Football Winners Weekly is precisely what you get.

Howard Schwartz

At Pro Football Winners Weekly, we study and give sole focus to the NFL. From year to year, we work to provide you with the quality picks you need to be a winner. We are completely different from other services which focus on every possible sport and takes wagers. We don’t spread ourselves thin with such an endeavor. Rather, we hone in on each team, break down their current situation(s), and find whether or not a given match-up can lead you to the greenest of End Zones.

PFWW started as a thought. This idea was a theory combining common sense with logical arguments. Within our walls, we call this the Theory of National Football Logic; meaning, at the end of the day, the best team should win. This theory has been proven and argued for years. However, we go the extra yard to define each team’s true identity. Once a favorable matchup is established, we notify our subscribers immediately. Thanks to living in the Digital Age, we are a few clicks away from every bit of data on each team, player and outside variable that cumulatively lead us to every possible scenario. As any smart analyst would do, we take into account both the numbers and the human element of the game, both on and off the field. Thus, we can then determine the odds of probability for you on a weekly basis.

As mentioned, we don’t stretch ourselves thin and, as such, we do not plan on covering 17 games/week. Instead, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the games that we feel show an imbalance of talent in order to make a bet on the game. We begin at the Hall of Fame game and continue to the Super Bowl. Along the way, we show you both our winners and losers. No matter the outcome, our goal is always to provide quality information that can lead to a winning wager. Our picks extend from our regular subscribers to those in our VIP Club, the latter of which receive guaranteed picks.

Our record since 2017 is documented on our Blog and Facebook Group. The numbers and the articles speak for themselves. We’ve had some very good years, hitting between 65 to over 70% per year. As we’ve come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are making adjustments accordingly, to show the continual changing of the guard and the emphasis on offensive play in the NFL. We are not rocket scientists or graduates of MIT. We are not affiliated with any sports networks you may be watching. We are experts in pro football because, like every coach and scout, we put in the vast amount of time it takes stay ahead of the curve. The NFL provides us with the best of the best for twenty-seven weeks. We, in turn, give you our picks and opinions. If you win, we win.

About Howard

Our founder and CEO Howard Schwartz grew up in New York. During his childhood Howard became an avid fan of the NFL, watching Tucker Fredrickson, Ernie Koy, and Homer Jones play for New York Giants, beginning his 50+ years of study and love of the game. His education was furthered in the late 1970s by studying in all aspects of the gaming industry with John Scarne at there New York School of Gambling. Soon after, he moved to Las Vegas and worked his way up to being a Casino Executive at the Golden Nugget. For the past seven years, he has been sharing his picks with a handful of friends and players who have literally taken them to the bank.