Week 14 – Our Pick

We Pass!

This is not a great week to play. We do not see a situation where one team is clearly better than the other. We looked at the games and we saw some great games to watch. We are here to find situations and reasons to make a wager and show a profit. Not to predict winners or place a bet to have action on a game. On the evening of February 4th we look at one thing, How well we did and how much we made for 2017. This is not a weekend to step out.

Colts vs Bills – Right now the game is off the board and Tyrod is out.

Cowboys vs Giants – Sterling Shepard is a question mark, new head coach and Eli is back. The Giants have won 2 games and Sean lee is active for Dallas. They have to win, however there playing terrible and we will pass.

Lions vs Buccaneers- we don’t see it as Stafford has a bad hand.

Raiders vs Chiefs – Both good and awful

49ers vs Texans – Flip a coin. We will watch the 49ers improve on a hunch. They are a team to watch, however we are here to win, not gamble. Look for Houston to be out coached!

Green Bay vs Cleveland – We liked this game, but do we really need to get involved with the packers on the road without Aaron Rodgers? Cleveland is due and have played well and kept the games close at home.

Bears vs Bengals -Another flip of the coin.

Vikings vs Panthers – We like Minnesota, but are they a touchdown better on the road?

Redskins vs Chargers – Who’s better and who’s worse?

Jets vs Broncos – The Broncos are terrible and which Jet team is flying in?

Titans vs Cardinals – We like this game, but Tennessee on the road is a gamble.

Eagles vs Rams – A great game to watch, not wager.

Seahawks vs Jaguars – Another Flip of the Coin.

Ravens vs Steelers – We like Baltimore. They play very hard, but do we trust them after watching them all season? NO!

Patriots vs Dolphins – Pats are 10 point favorites and we want to know if Hogan is playing and can Baltimore can knock off Pittsburgh. Should Baltimore win and the Pats are up a game and seeded number one we will go with them tomorrow night. Gronk is out, all the Patriots need to do is win and stay healthy. They play 60 minutes of football and this game is all about next weeks game for the top seed in the AFC.

Why Gamble? Let’s wait for a situation where one team is clearly better and feel we have the best of it before kickoff.

We’re at the Wynn this week watching for next week and love 2 Games.

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