Week 15 – Easy Pickens!

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We Love a Game

This week, we’re all over the New Orleans Saints. They’re home, angry, healthy, and, at 9 – 4, need this win. At present they’re seeded 4th and have the same 9 – 4 record as Carolina 9 – 4, LA, who’s 9 – 4 and one game ahead of Atlanta at 8 – 5 and Seattle 8-5. This game is a rock and roll party down in New Orleans. The last 5 weeks the Saints have been playing against some hard hitting teams, Buffalo, Washington, LA Rams, Carolina, and Atlanta. Now they’re home to the New York Jets.

The Jets are in trouble this week. They’re 5 – 8 and out of the playoffs. Their starting QB at age 38 is out and the back up Bryce Petty is next man up. We watched the Jets last year and hear is the real deal for last year, 2016

Week 10: Petty started after a poor week 9 performance by Fitzpatrick and Lost to the Rams at home 9 – 6 . The six points were scored on a pitch out trick play, so lets give petty ( 6 ) points.

Week 11: was a bye week.

Week 12: Fitzpatrick was back in at QB and lost 22- 17 to the Pats – NO Petty.

Week 13: They Lost to the Colts! 41- 10 Bryce was 11 for 25 with 1 TD ( 6 ) Points again.

Week 14: A win for the Jets against the 49ers who were 1 – 12 at the time. The was in overtime against the 2nd worst team in the NFL. Bryce was 23 – 35 with 1 int and no TDs.

Week 15: The Jets lost at home 34- 13 and Petty was 20 – 36 and 1 td ( 6 ) points again.

Week 16: Jets lost to NE 41 – 3 with Fitzpatrick at QB.

Week 17: Jets played Buffalo, NO Petty.

PS: The Jets are 1 – 5 on the road and have lost those 5 games by an average of 13.2 points. Even last week in Denver they were shut out 23 – 0!

The Jets are not winning in New Orleans, and the Saints star running back is playing. This should be an easy win by 20 plus points. A good game, perfect situation for us to make a major investment. Here is a great example of a good team playing a bad one for all the right reasons.

Lay the points, here is – 15 and we bought a point at – 130 . This is a very big game for NO. The Jets can’t score and have a rookie in the Superdome!

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