Home Field in Minnesota!

Photograph of 100 dollar bill winking

The Game is on and 20% of all the tickets go to the home city.

The home city lost to the Eagles last week! It occurred to me that given the circumstances of the game, there will be more Patriot fans in Minnesota than Eagle fans, especially if the home town is rooting against Philadelphia. Does this really give the Pats another edge in the game? Perhaps just a little.

If your going to Minnesota, dress warm and be prepared to pay about $3,000.00 a ticket just to get into the corner end zone. I am sure for the same money we can all get a 65 inch OLED and see the game a lot better at home. Even a weekend in Vegas is no more than $2,000.00.

It’s a little sad when the press (including the NFL Network and ESPN) have nothing to report about for the biggest game of the year. It seems they have gone thru every story line possible about Gronk’s injury, Brady’s hand, the Eagles’ road to Minnesota, and Nick Fole’s leadership and clutch playing.

It might get more exciting next week, but for now it seems like the Snooze Bowl in the Arctic. I can only imagine next year with Edelman and Hightower back what the press will say. If you can wake them up, that is. The real observation of the day is that it is very quiet and both teams are knee deep in film looking for each others weaknesses.

This will be the last game until next season to cash in. Stay away from all proposition bets as they are called sucker bets by the house. The reason being is the casino always has the best of it. You may not agree with my opinions but how can anyone outside the Philadelphia area place a wager on Nick Foles over Tom Brady? It should be a 3 hour chess match and we’re still going Pats at -5 and going to buy a point and be in there one more at -4 today.

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