From Nov. 1: The Hungry 49ers

San Francisco 49ers are good, but not a great team yet. Last night we watched the 49ers play and after watching them play a few times in 2019, we are convinced they are one of the better teams. The only problemed they have not beaten any of the big teams yet. 

Just for the record, the combined total of the 8 teams is 20 – 40 and 1 tie

Tampa Bay 2 – 5 

Cincinnati 0 – 8 

Pittsburgh 3 – 4 

Cleveland 2 – 5

LA Rams 5 – 3 

Washington 1 – 7

Carolina 4 – 3

Arizona 3 – 5 -1

The 49ers can be beat, on the ground and in the air as we saw last night during the game. For the last 2 years the team has been in a rebuild with injury’s everywhere. The 49ers are one of those teams, you can bet on or against with the present roster. Their next 3 games are at home against the Seahawks, Cardinals and Packers. It will be interesting to see the line, when Arizona comes up to the bay. This could be an early wager if we get the right number. The 49ers are a young hungry team.

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