From Oct. 27/Week 8: Sunday = Mon(ey) Day

Break open the piggy bank. This is the rainy day. The one day of the year where we get to send it in. We have our biggest play of the year coming up today. We’re going with the Saints over the Cardinals with Drew Brees or without. He does happen to be starting.

We’re going to break down Arizona because of this unique situation. There 3 – 3 and 1 tie. 

Week 1: they play with all the hype at home against the Lions and stage a great comeback to tie the game and go into overtime. The game finished up a 27- 27 tie. I am going to throw this game right in the trash can, as both teams were clearly not ready. 

Week 2: was on the road in Baltimore and they lost by 6, 23 – 17. 

Week 3: back home against Carolina and they were crushed 38 – 20. 

Week 4: still at home against Seattle. The Cardinals were beaten 27 – 10

The first 4 weeks resulted in a tie and 3 loses to 3 good teams with a combined record of 14 – 6.

They also lost by a total of 41 points.

Week 5: was played in Cincinnati and they won 26-23.

Week 6: back home they beat Atlanta 34 -33.

Last week in New York, we watched the Giants commit 3 fumbles, 1 int, miss a field goal, allow 8 sacks and Arizona won their 3rd straight 27-21

This last 3 games were won by a total of 10 points, against 3 awful teams with a combined record of 3 – 18. 

This match up is in the loudest stadium against the best team in the NFC. Kamara may not be playing, but David Johnson is out for the Cardinals. We bought 1 ½ points and game should be over by half time. The line is 12 and moving. Fire away.

We are also going heavy with the Patriots. The line is 10 ½ and we bought 1 ½ points. The Browns get to much press and the bottom line is Brady out throws Mayfield and Bill certainly out coaches Freddie. Without all the fan fare this line would be higher. The Pats are already planning to be home in January.

This game is being played in Foxboro and Cleveland gets a new hard coach next year.

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