From January 20: Divisional Weekend

This week, the four home teams are our picks to win and, possibly, bet.

Game 1: Houston at Baltimore. For the last few years the Ravens have been hurt beyond the norm and not in position to challenge KC or Buffalo to be top dog in the AFC. We also have been privileged to watch the growth and development of Lamar Jackson at QB. This year, he is still learning how to become a pocket QB. He has the arm, the head. and a healthy, well rested team ready to go. The Ravens finished the season by beating the 49ers in Week 16 with a score of 33 – 19. Week 17, they stomped the Dolphins 56 – 19, and promptly rested themselves in Week 18. They have had two weeks to get ready for this game and are ready to go. The Line is – 9 ½. Houston has been great the last part of this season and has their rookie QB, CJ Stroud, leading the way. During the season Baltimore scored 451 points compared with the 377 points scored by Houston. On defense, the Ravens led the league, giving up 280 points compared with the Texans’ 353 points. We are going to buy 1 ½ points and play Baltimore – 8.

Game 2: Green Bay at San Francisco. Going into the Wild Card Weekend, the Packers were #13 on the NFL power list. There is a real reason for their placement. The 49ers are well rested and home. San Fran rested their starters in Week 18 and are loaded on all fronts. They scored 491 points compared to 383 from Green Bay. Their defense is better and the Packers were 4 – 5 on the road this season. The Line is 10 and should be – 8 or -9. We have to go with the 49ers because they are simply the better team. We suggest you buy the game down to -9 and go with them.

Game 3: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in Detroit and this one goes to the Lions. Tampa is the surprise team, after beating up an inferior Eagles team that is clearly in disarray. Tampa is not supposed to be here and for some reason there seems to be a lack of respect for the Detroit team. The line is – 6 and we are going to buy ½ a point to be under 2 FGs, making this our best bet of the weekend. We do not think Tampa can keep up. The Lions scored 113 more points this season and are playing at home.

Game 4: KC are at Buffalo and the game is going to be a close game. The weather will be a big factor, yet we believe the Bills are going to finally win this tight match-up. For all of us die hard NFL fans, this one will be a great game to watch. Buffalo is favored by – 2 ½. We will pass on making a play but at – 140 on the money line, Buffalo might be a worthwhile play.

We picked all four home games because they are the four best teams in this final group of eight. If you play the money line on all 4 home teams they are:

Baltimore – 460
San Francisco – 460
Detroit – 270
Buffalo – 145

If you start with a – 460 bet and simply roll it over, your return will be $1,560.00.

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