From January 27: The Final 4

In 38 states it is now legal to bet on sports. The rest of the country will just have to be in Vegas or call their local guy. Baltimore will play host to KC in the early game, and we like the Ravens. They finished the year 13 – 4, however when you look at their schedule, the last 2 losses were in week 18 when they rested their starters and way back in week 10 on November 12th to Cleveland, 33 to 31. The team has not lost in nearly 3 months.

After watching both teams many times, you can see that this game will be won on the field and off. Andy Reid and John Harbaugh are 2 of the best head coaches in the league, and we expect a few trick plays, and going for it on 4th down. Baltimore as a team, is loaded. They are healthy, and have, perhaps the best TE in the NFL, Mark Andrews back after being injured earlier in the season. They are home, rested, healthy and have a fully developed Top QB in Lamar Jackson. They are in the perfect position to win. The Ravens have the best FG kicker in Justin Tucker and we feel like this is their year.

The Betting line has gone to – 4. You can buy up to 1 ½ points if you wish to be under a FG.

The Late game is a good one. The public are rooting for the Lions and the better team are the 49ers. Look for our game day post tomorrow.

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