From May 5, 2020: NFL vs Coronavirus

The schedule is coming out Thursday and we are ready to go. The only problem is Week 1 might start on Week 5 and it will be back to the drawing board. As we all go thru this terrible time, the NFL is putting out a flexible schedule that can be adjusted for multiple starting dates for the 2020 season.

It will come down to 3 things heading into the summer. The first will be where we are, on finding a vaccine for the virus. The second will be the owners not willing to give up a home field advantage and finally the players union will have to vote on all the proposed changers and safety measures being proposed to play in 2020.

Dues to all the distractions, daily testing and the cancellation of the preseason, the advantage will go to the offense.
Is Tampa Bay really playing the 1st Monday Night Football?

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