From January 6: Week 18 – Who needs to win? Who doesn’t need to win?

Betting the final week has always been about two questions: “Who needs to win?” and “Who are resting players?” This year, the answer is easy: Baltimore will be resting their team this week. For the last few years, the Ravens have led the league in the top tier of teams with injuries. This year, with their #1 seed in place, we do not expect them to show up today with any of their starters. Perhaps they might play a few downs at the start, but we will see the backups today. It is important to know that the last words each player will hear today are “Don’t go crazy and risk an injury. You are needed for the playoffs.” The Ravens will go through the motions.

The game is in Baltimore and the Steelers are favored by -3. The money line is – 160. We are going to buy ½ a point and be under a field goal.

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