From Dec. 25: Week 16 – Merry Christmas

On the menu for Monday is Buffalo.

They play in New England Monday night and are favored to win by 7.

Belichick figures to start their rookie QB Jarrett Stidham. Cam has a 1 year contract at $675,000 and it’s clear to see, he’s not the starting QB in 2021. For the Pats, Stephon Gilmore, there all pro cornerback is out for the year. So who is going to cover Stefon Diggs?

Buffalo wants to play all their games at home and are now in position to do exactly that. If KC and Buffalo win out, KC will get the bye and Buffalo will play all their games at home. They are the hot team and sure no one wants to play the Bills in January up in Buffalo.

Right now the Bills are +420 to win the AFC and advance to the Super Bowl. If you bet them, you are getting 4 to 1 odds. You can then hedge off and possibly even hit a middle. Either way you have the hot team and excellent value by looking at the wager.

It’s like going to Green Bay except colder. On the – 7 line this Monday, buy 1 point and move the line to – 6.

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