From Dec. 26: Week 16 – Saturday Triple Header

We have 3 games today. Our first game is in 2 hours and we are going with Tampa Bay. The Line is – 10 and we are going to look to buy 1 point to bring it under 2 scores. The Lions have no coaches today and are 2 – 5 in their last 7 games. They lost these 5 games by 77 points, an average of 15.4 points a game. For Tampa this is a playoff game and need to win. On paper they are more than 10 points better and Brady should have a huge game.

Game 2 is in Arizona vs the 49ers. We like the home team to win. The line is – 5 ½ and we will buy a point and go under 5. The 49ers are all banged up and Arizona is playing for a wild card spot in the playoffs. In Week 16 they will be playing hard and the better team at home.

We’ll be back later for Game 3: Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders.

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