From Sept 12: Week 2

Thursday Night Football features the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Carolina and both teams are 0 – 1. The Panthers cannot afford to go 0 – 2. The Panthers have a better QB, better running backs and are at home. 

The Buccaneers, though, do have a better Head Coach. 

This is one of those games where the home team is supposed to win. It could be 3 points or might be 7 or 10. Last year the Panthers were 5 – 3 at home against the spread. Tampa Bay was 3 – 3 and 2 against the spread on the road.

This is a great game to watch. If we were gambling, it would have to be a small wager to allow us to scream at the television. The line is 6 ½ or 7 depending where you bet. The money line is an astonishing – 300 or more. 

To lay $300 to make $100 on 2 so so teams really has no value. Our true suggestion is to watch these 2 teams and put them in your back pocket for another day. Later this season they will be on the road and will be a good team to bet against. 

This is only Week 2 and both teams are still making adjustments. Try to hold out until Sunday.

There is a real revenge game this week.

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