Wild Card Weekend 2016

For 2 days we get to see 4 games and try to figure out is there a situation here where one team is just to good or the other just can’t win. The Raiders without there Derek Carr at QB was injured in Week 16 and Connor Cook a 24 year old rookie coming into his 2nd ever NFL game it was no contest. The week before the team had lost its heart and lost in Denver against the previous Super Bowl winning defense and now a week later on the road in a playoff game again the Texans and their fired up defense it was a one sided game as Houston stopped their running game cold and was happy to have a rookie quarterback try to beat them .By half time with the Texans up 20-7 mentally the game was over and final score Houston 27- 14 over Oakland. Its very easy to see that Oakland due to the QB situation and final game loss was never in the game. 1-0 in the playoffs.

We liked the Steelers the next day because even though the Dolphins had beaten them in Miami in Week 6. This team now had Matt Moore at QB and slipped in through the back door to be in the playoffs. The final week of the season saw the Steelers rest their Big 3 (“Big Ben” Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown) as well as limited game time to many regulars and basically had a bye week to get healthy and prepare for the Dolphins. The Dolphins were done at the half 20-6 and by the end of 3/4 quarters were up 30-6 . The final score of 30-12 was another easy game to see a team squeaking in and on the road in Pittsburgh who were waiting. 2-0. Both losing teams had their number 2 quarterback playing on the road against better teams. In the playoffs the law of averages applies even better. The best team does win. Its a matter of identifying why. Next up: Division Playoff Games!

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