Who is the hungrier team?

Atlanta has played and lost against Tampa Bay, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Kansas City in the regular season. Why would they win the Super Bowl against New England? It is a proven fact that in one game, season, and on any given day, one team can beat another. All the truth. This is a game of inches and who has the best weapons to move the ball 10 yards at a time to get a first down over and over until they score a touchdown or kick a field goal. In coaching, the Pats have the edge. In passing Pats have the edge. In special teams and field goal kickers, New England does in deed have the edge. As offensive line coaches go this again is a slight edge to New England. This year the offensive line stayed healthy and, in turn, has improved throughout the season. As far as play calling and defensive coaches are concerned New England is our pick again. The old saying still applies, “You’re only as good as the People around you” and New England is loaded. The final question of the day is a doozy. Who is the hungrier team? See you later tonight!

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