Week One Winners!

There is a reason we never make a wager the first 3 or 4 weeks of the season. Perhaps more than 40, but for the sake of this column we are here to properly identify

a game where one team is better than the other or a team that has no chance of winning for a number of reasons. We also know that on any given day any team can beat any team. That is why we wait the first few weeks to see who is who on the field. As we watched New England lose Thursday night, we could have watched them win, too. As for today’s games, we see 3 games where the boys in Vegas have a very high over & under number. Let’s look for a clue on one of our teams that we’re looking at.

Green Bay vs Seattle and Tennessee vs Oakland are both at 50 for the over & under,  and Atlanta vs Chicago is at 49.

Five of these 6 teams are very good and can score but why is Chicago in the mix?

For some reason, Vegas figures there will be 7 touchdowns in this game. How???

Chicago is in a transition year with the youngest General Manager in the NFL. Ryan Pace came in 2015 and has signed 44 of the 53 players on the roster. The Head Coach John Fox has a 4 year contract and in the first 2 years going back to 2015 was 6-10 and last year 3 – 13! He is under pressure to win at least 7 or 8 games which we

feel is a high number for this team is achieve being in a division with Minnesota, Green Bay and Detroit! The New Quarterback, Mike Glennon, is 27. He signed a 3 year, $45 million contract. Then Chicago drafts a QB with the 2nd over all pick!

Their number one receiver is out for the season and their other good one, Markus Wheaton, has a broken pinky and might play at the time of this posting.

Their running game is just average and has a very young inexperienced secondary to match up with the Falcons offense. Why is the over and under 49 here? Does someone know something about this game? Chicago might have the best fans in the NFL, but they can’t play! Chicago is home and we see 2 different teams playing.

On paper, this game of Atlanta at Chicago looks like a one sided game. The Falcons are supposed to be on a mission and full of rage after being embarrassed

in the Super Bowl! They have the talent, same team as last year and actually lost to the KC Chiefs by 1 point in the regular season. These are the same Chiefs who beat the World Champion Patriots at home on national television this past Thursday.

Atlanta, New England and Chiefs are all good, but the Bears – 6 at home is a question. The game opened up around there and has stayed. Why? It seems there are just too many questions still to be answered about Atlanta and, of course, the jinx of Super Bowl Losers!

In preseason they were 0 – 4. However, Julio Jones did not play and Devonta Freeman played 5 minutes in the first game. The Atlanta Falcons are a better team than the Chicago Bears.

Should they win? Yes.

Should they Cover the Line? Yes.

We will watch this Game and NOT Invest because it is week one in the NFL!

We also love Houston at home because of the emotions on the game. With the number one defense in the NFL and Wyatt back, the stadium will be rocking. The people of Houston need a win. Wyatt just raised 30 million and teams with something to play for go a long way. Emotions will lift a team to amazing heights.

In conclusion, for Week One: Let’s Watch and Enjoy the games and see how the teams play out. DO NOT WAGER! These are games to watch & learn from. This is the time we start to see exactly who is who in the NFL in 2017.

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