Week 8 – Jackpot 4 for 4

sportsbook week 9

We started at 6:30 am with the Eagles over in the UK playing the Jags and called it perfectly. A huge win for us. Read our previous post.

For the next game, we loved Chicago, but held off due to K. Mack being out and they crushed it. Sorry to say we were not involved but the Bears were a much better team even with their Super Star out.

We finished the day by telling the world that the Ram game was an over / under game and to buy it down to 54 ½. By time we got to the sportsbook, it was up to 57 and we bought it down to 55 and went with the over. BOOM! It hit 56 and we scored!

Last night was a VIP game for our members and, despite a hard fought game, it was all smiles and a perfect way to finish the weekend 4 for 4.

Please read the last few weeks as we are on fire out here as our Pre Game posting show. Thank you to Ed for our gift for the Patriot game. Our VIPs are 4 for 4 this year so far. We do have references!

Want to be a VIP member and get 100% guaranteed winners from the inside? Contact us at 702 – 701 – 1011.

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