Week 3 – Coming Attractions

Photograph of framed nfl coach

We are looking at all of this weekend’s games and are quite happy to say that most of them are not playable. It’s just too early in the season.

Jets – Browns: we’re waiting for a few injury reported to check in. These are certainly NOT 2 of the better teams playing.

Saints – Falcons: PASS!

Broncos – Ravens: There are better games out there. Pass!

Bengals – Panthers: Too many injuries on both teams. Pass!

Giants – Texans: Both are Bad. Pass!

Titans – Jags: Over the years, both teams have suprised us when they hook up. Pass!

49ers – Chiefs: Andy Reid at home looks too easy and the 49ers can score. PASS!

Raiders – Dolphins: 2 teams with questions. Pass!

Colts – Eagles: Lots of questions and better games out there to play. Pass!

Packers – Redskins: Lots of questions here and a few hidden injury’s right now. We will pass!

Cowboys vs Seahawks: Pass(!) as fast as you can!!! There both in intensive care.

Steelers vs Buccaneers: Pass! Just to much drama in Pittsburgh as we posted about them on our July 18th post.

These are 4 games that we are looking at. There full of drama, dreams, great teams and awful ones. A nice mix of rookie QBs and future Hall of Fame ones. There is so much more to say, but let’s wait until Saturday when we have the complete picture.

Bills – Vikings: This is on our radar as the 1st Potential Game

Chargers – Rams: This is our 2nd Potential Game.

Bear vs Cardinals – This is our 3rd Potential Game.

Patriots vs Lions: This is our 4th Potential Game.

In the words of General MacArthur and the Terminator, we will be back. Return here this time on Friday and read a special post about our current Money Team of the Year.

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