Week 2 – Easy Pickens

Photograph of dart board with ram

We have an easy game: the Rams go to 2 – 0 against the Cardinals.

During this past preseason, the Rams tried to hide their real team.

This past Monday, in the first half against the Raiders, they were a bit rusty and were getting adjusted to actually playing football again. They were ready to start the real 2018 season in the second half.

Before the game, Monday night, the line was Rams -10 1/2 and then, after the game, it jumped to 12 1/2. The Rams are simply just too good and, at the end of the day, they are going to the playoffs and Arizona is not. Last year, they beat them 33 – 0 in LA and then 31 – 21 in Arizona.

Our real game that we love will be out Sunday morning early.

This is one of those games no one is looking at. Except for us.

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