WEEK 16 – Spectacular

Photograph of Caesars Palace Receipt

4 for 4 – WOW

Please read our last 2 posts for our 4 winners this past week.As you can see in the picture, here is a perfect example of buying 2 points and winning our wager. While we do not win all the time, it’s great to win most of the time.

It’s just as important to find the right odds as it is in finding the right game. Put them together and you have success. At the end of the day the best team does win, however you have to have the right odds.

The Rams won by 4.

By this part of the season with the playoffs one week away, it is time to step it up. Were now seeing who’s hot and who is not. The Jaguars and Eagles are NOT.

Week 17 is almost here and we have a sleeper game coming up to finish the regular season. The wild card weekend is just 2 weeks away.

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