Week 16 – One More Time

Photograph of sportsbook december 24 2017

Yesterday was a winner: 2 for 2. Read yesterday’s post.

Time to go for a hat trick.

The game we like and are going with is the LA Rams at Tennessee. The Rams are simply better. They have scored 438 points this year and the Titans have scored 296. The difference is just too much. They score points and have a defense. The line is 5 ½ or 6 depending where you are. Were going to buy 2 points and watch the Rams roll. The Rams are 6 – 1 on the road!

We did love the Patriots but this week, however, the team is banged up.

Alan Branch is out, James white is out , Rex Burkhead is out, as well as Chris Hogan. Even Kyle Van Noy is out and Nate Solder is a question mark . We wanted to step out here because this games clinches the number 1 seed for the patriots. We still feel they will win but not sure about that big line.

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