Week 12 – A quick summary of what happened.

Photograph of sportsbook week 12

Last week, we have Arizona over Oakland. The Raiders won with a few seconds to go, but saw how horrible these teams actually are. We can now look at them the rest of the year and find some great situations where the wager is to simply bet against them. Despite a loss, this game created a situation for us to capitalize on shortly.

The Chargers gave away game 2 in the last seconds and sad to say we give up on them.

Game 3 was New Orleans, and they smoked them.

Kick off in 1 hour and we’re going with teams that are better and have to win. The teams that have to win are Baltimore, San Diego and New England.

The Patriots watched the Rams and KC go back and forth and will join the crowd today, as they see what’s needed to get to the big game. They have beaten, Houston this year, Chicago, KC and if they can win out and KC gets 1 more loss, the Pats will get the #1 seed.

Coming off a bye and a healthy, well rested team, Brady will have all the time he needs to pick them apart. The line is high and we’re going to buy 2 points and perhaps a teaser. The are much better and the only question remains is how many they are going to win bye

The other game we’re going with is the Colts over Miami. The Colts are home and they are simply playing much better. Andrew Luck is hot and and line is 8. We like them to win by at least that.

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