Today is the Super Bowl

It’s a day for all of us to give thanks to the NFL for giving us a great game called football. We give thanks for Thursday Night Football, the entire day of Sunday and Monday nights, too (and, on the rare occasion, a Saturday game). It’s a 25 week soap opera of running or throwing a little ball 100 yards to get 6 points and a little kick to make it a lucky 7.

Today, we get to see how the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons make history. We have seen all the games, read all the stats. Hollywood stars and players from all sports are online giving you their pick. Here is what we see:

If Atlanta’s young defense cannot get to Brady, the game is over. He has too much talent to pass to and a running game to boot. Based on everything we have seen and watched, expect New England to come out smoking the field to find mismatches and hurry up plays to undermine the defense. New England will try to end this fast as they do have a few wrinkles in their Number 1 defense. After watching the 2016 edition of the Patriots, they do have a weakness in getting pressure to the Quarterback with their front 4. They do when they send 5 on a blitz. They are excellent in stopping the run. However, if they go to a zone defense for the pass and don’t blitz, Ryan will pick them apart. We will see a chess match of moves designed by each team of coaches to get the job done. The purpose of this page is to separate the 2 teams and look for a mismatch. There is a very slim line here with Atlanta and New England but at the end of the day one thing is always certain: a good defense stops a good offense and New England has the edge. New England on 4 TDs and 3 Field Goals should get to 37 or more. Can Atlanta do more with Julio Jones being double teamed? We don’t think so. We have no final prediction in numbers but the match up does clearly show that New England has the edge when you compare defense to defense. There is a reason the Boys in Las Vegas made New England a 3 point favorite: one point for Brady, one point for Belichick, and one point for Gostkowski. We concur.

Congrats to the Pats, you do your job well!

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