Thursday November 10th, 2018 – What is a TEASER?

caesers palace betting receipt week 10

We watched Monday night football from Caesars and found a nice situation. We hated the Titans/Cowboys game, but the money was going on the under. It went from 42 1/2to 42 and by game time is was at 40.

We played a 3 game Teaser for this week.

A teaser bet is when the Sports book gives you 6 points. You could even go higher. It sounds like a great wager. For example, if a team is favored to win by 4 and you have 6 points to play with, now you have your team plus 2 points.

The catch is, you pay for this gift. The house / sportsbook makes you pay a fee to get this break and you never quite get the true value of this bet. It is my opinion that if you or I make the right bet, we will get paid after the game. The odds are always there, it’s just the knowledge of knowing when to try to get them to lean over to our side a bit.

The picture above is a 3 team, 6 point teaser. It looked good Monday night. I did not like the game and decided to take the 6 points and go from 40 to 46 and bet the under. I also saw on the board that the Patriots (who had just beaten up the Packers) were 6 ½ point favorites. I liked the idea of taking 6 points off this wager and having New England at – ½ a point. All they have to do is win by one point. The third game I looked at was the Bears at home vs the Lions this Sunday. The Line opened at 6 and we took it as you can see as a PK. They just have to win.

This is a teaser bet. If you scroll down to last week, you will see a 3 team parley where you wager $100 and get back $700. On that ticket, there are no changes in the odds and the return is 7 to 1. If you think the odds are too high, but also convinced the team is a better team, you have 3 options.

Bet the game as is, buy a point or 2 if you can, or hook it up with another and there is your TEASER bet.

We will be back up tomorrow with our 2 games for this Sunday.

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