The Field Goal Kicker

Everyone has a favorite team, watches ESPN or the NFL station and once in a while or at the end of a tight game we find out about one of the most important players on the team: the Field Goal Kicker. Some little guy who looks nothing like a football player runs on and kicks the ball and wins the game; a very important player on all teams. Here in Houston, yes, right here we have 2 of them to look at. Atlanta has Matt Bryant. He is 41 and has had a great year. He was 34 for 37 with his longest being 59 yards. His 91.9 percentage was huge. What we really need to know is that in his 163 game career he is 253 for 303 and has a 84.8 NFL percentage. Certainly not bad, but he has been amazing this year and he is a great kicker. My concerns are: Can he stay cool in his 1st Super Bowl? Will father time and the jitters of impressing his 7 kids and wife shake him up? Lots of things to be concerned with but he is here and ready to play. The Patriots have Stephen Gostkowski who is in his 11th year with New England and is an amazing 19 for 26 from 50 yards or more. His 73.1% is 4th highest in NFL History. He is an amazing 89 for 93 in 4th quarter field goals which calculates to a 95.7 rating. What does all of this mean? When the game needs 3 points, the advantage goes to New England.

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