Sunday Morning Jan. 14th

Photograph of breakfast at Wynn eggs benedict

Nice to wake up after a great game. Thanks to New England, we can start the day on a high note.

The weather forecast in Pittsburgh is a high of 18 and with a little wind. Today is the day we will find out who can hit harder: the Steelers or the Jaguars. We also find out which team is going to lose next week up in New England.

With 2 great games being played, we do not see the Vikings or the Saints, both dome teams, flying to the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) and winning. The Eagles hit too hard, play at home and have that Super Bowl swagger. The Patriots have a few more players coming back next week, as well as the Steelers’ number! As mentioned both games are in cities where the title “Home Field” advantage matters.

Congrats to New England! We did our homework and everyone played as expected. Even Hogan got a welcome back TD. Last night was Money in the Bank. Let’s see if we can nail it later today on the Under 42 1/2 in Pittsburgh.

Next week we have 2 games. Keep your eyes open right after the game. The opening odds for next week will be the best odds you can expect to get!

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