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The Package Is Limited To 99 Players

This package has features that you do not get in any of the other services! The VIP Package is our special and exclusive package, as it provides you access to our lead handicapper.

Here are the features included in our VIP Package:

  • Coverage of our picks beginning with the Hall of Fame game including the Super Bowl.
  • VIP Gift Basket sent to you.
  • Exclusive VIP Membership Card with your private account number.
  • Exclusive EMAIL access to Howard.
  • Access to Howard directly by a private phone number to call anytime and/or text during appointment times on game days.
  • Our VIP Picks are guaranteed and not given out in our other packages.
  • We will contact you, sometimes just hours from Kick off to give you our Guaranteed VIP play of the day.

As the season develops our VIP members will receive our guaranteed VIP picks. There are games in the NFL that develop weekly to incredibly high situational football where one team simply cannot compete against their opponent. We cannot tell you how many VIP picks there are as we monitor these teams during the season. In 2020, we were 6 for 6 and last season, 2021, we were 8 for 9.