Each team has 4 preseason games and the reality is they only need 1 or 2 games at the most. Every year, all the starters play in just the 3rd game of the preseason to get their timing down and try a few plays for the regular season. They only play a half a game and that’s that. The 4th and final game is about one thing: making the final cut.

The preseason is about transition from what the team was, how each team is now because of the loss and addition of new players and what the coaches hope to accomplish this season. With so many jobs at stake from season to season, coaches, trainers, players and staff all strive to get to the post season.

Season ticket holders who have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms go see the first games and enjoy the feeling of live pro football. Others at home, may turn the game on and check out how the team is doing.

We watch these games from a different point of view. We observe how the new players drafted or picked up on a trade or waivers, play with their new teams. A vast majority of the draft picks wash out due to injuries and the reality of playing seasoned professionals as opposed to college students. We’re watching 2nd and 3rd year players to see what progress, if any, has been made. Political situations, which do happen on many teams throughout the season, also come into play. Dissension on a team does cause a loss and a loss is a winner for our purposes.

Age is a factor as well. One year they’re Gods and the next they’ve lost a step and are done. Probably the biggest factor is injuries. Players in and out due to injury can change a game. Look at Odell Beckham Jr. who hurt his hip and was questionable against the Rams in London last year. He played so we played and we both won. Certain injuries are bankable.

Next up: Rivalries and Revenge Games!

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