Picking a Winner = $$$$$$$$$!!!

There are many reasons people bet on Professional Football each year. These include wanting to make some extra money (a predominate reason for many people) and its fun to have action on a game. However, based on those reasons, each game takes on a different look. Suddenly, we are rooting louder, suffering more when there is a penalty and jumping for joy when our team scores a touch down or field goal. The season starts with the Hall of Fame game and finishes with the Super Bowl. Some people bet the Hall of Fame game, some people even take a shot at the pre-season games (!). These people should simply take their money and help some unfortunate homeless person enjoy a warm meal. These Betty Ford gamblers are the ones who crave action. At times such as the Hall of Fame game and during the pre-season, it is impossible to know who the better team is. The season starts and we can’t wait to watch the first game with, naturally, some sort of financial interest included. Anyone who bets on the first four games is foolish enough and dumb enough to actually believe they can win. The first four weeks belong to the Sports Books, Bookmakers and Casinos around the world. Week 5, though, is our time to start cashing in. Ever hear the words “You can beat a race but you can’t beat the races”? The same saying applies to Pro Football. You can beat a game but you cannot beat the games from week to week.

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