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Sports news is big business. It seems everyone who is anyone knows Pro Football. The world of computers and big screen televisions has made everyone an expert. However despite all the data, all the views and opinions, there is one thing everyone always forgets or seems to pass when it’s time to pick a winner of a game. We all know who’s hot and on a roll but if you quietly look at the last 4 games Atlanta played in the regular season to finish with a record of 11-5, they played the LA Rams 4-12, New Orleans Saints 7-9, Carolina Panthers 6-10, and San Francisco 49ers 2-14. The combined records of 19 – 45 would seem to have you take a step back and wonder for a moment. This team is in the Super Bowl at 11-5 and for the last 4 weeks they coasted by 4 losing teams. The real secret is looking at their 11 wins against a combined total record of 66 wins and 77 loses. Now we see a very good team but 1) who did they really play and 2) (Wow!) giving up 406 points gives you a little light on this very good team. Only on the surface is Atlanta a good team.

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