Our objective is to beat the odds: beat the odds and you beat the game. Finding the right odds sound easy, right? Not so easy. You go online or call your local bookmaker or, if you’re lucky enough to be or live in Las Vegas from September to February, you can indeed get the best line. More importantly, the best line at the right time.

For our purpose here, after identifying the right team, is to then match it up with the right line. This is why we have direct links to certain sportsbooks to see the line within minutes of it coming out. When the odds come out we are able to determine if the game that we like is worth playing early or not. There are situations that come up where it is better to get involved with a wager the moment the line comes out rather than wait until close to kick off when we expect the odds to possibly change. And sometimes, not for the better.

Please keep in mind we are at all times 2 to 3 weeks ahead in the schedule, looking at potential games so we are ready when the betting line comes out if the situation is right.

Last year we loved Oakland vs Houston in Mexico 3 weeks before the game. The line came out and we dived in. Finding the right situation where we can identify a clearly better team, or a terrible match up, is the correct way to take advantage and increase profit potential, however, once we find the team we need the odds to be on the same page as our calculations!

If the odds don’t match up with our pick, then we pass. There are plenty of profitable opportunities throughout every season.

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