New England Patriots vs Pittsburg Steelers

Well, Atlanta is in and it’s time to release the winner of the last game of the year before the Super Bowl. We have New England Patriots vs Pittsburg Steelers. The world likes New England and here is why: Tom Brady and all the Stars seem to shine. In reality the reason is clear: Home Field, Best Coach, Best Collection of Receivers in years, 3 Star Running Backs that can catch, and a Run Defense that has quietly been a force to deal with. The weak link is their pass defense and if they decide to blitz Big Ben he will not have the time to set up Antonio Brown and will certainly have his hands full. New England has beat them once on the road and there is no reason why they can’t do this again. The Steelers will come out strong but at home it’s all about today for New England. Bill has the team believing that this is the Super Bowl and, as mentioned, this New England team is very Hungry to avenge the 4 game suspension by the NFL. Tom Brady and the Patriots are going to rock their way to Houston this evening. A good bet would be the money line to ensure you cash in. The night is young and Boston will rock away into the late hours tonight as the Patriots get to their 7th Super Bowl, with a prediction of 38 – 31!

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