January 30th is a day to reflect.

Why are we playing this game in Houston? Better yet, who is really the Home team here? Are there more Patriot fans than Falcon fans? Do more people hate the Pats then love them? How unhappy is Roger the Dodger, the NFL commissioner who managed to miss all the Patriots games all season long? You have to ask about Karma, Revenge, and whether or not some things are just meant to be. Tom Brady has not cheated football for 18 years, it has been our honor to watch him become the Best of the Best. Does he deserve his 5th Super Bowl Ring? The answer is a very simple Yes. If you are as great as he is to win 4, barely lose 2, and get another chance at 5, then clearly he does deserve to be in a class all by himself. The NFL is not perfect but there is a give and take method of determining a fine or punishment for players, teams, and owners that should be determined by an impartial group of 3 or 5 to determine what, if any, violation had been made. These questions and opinions are a few of the many aspects taken to determine who is the better team and why this Sunday will be a great game and a walk in the park right to the Bank.

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