Home Field Advantage!

We hear it every week before the game on TV and talk about it with other fans. The amazing thing about having home field advantage is that we’re only talking about 6 teams in the NFL where it really means an advantage. Looking back over the past 5 years, the most dominating teams at home have been New England, Pittsburg, Kansas City, Denver, Green Bay and Minnesota.

For the past 5 years, we see:
New England: 34 – 6
Pittsburg: 28 – 12
Kansas City: 23 – 9 (the last 4 years with Andy Reid as Head Coach)

(Side note: Since 2013, under the leadership of Andy Reid and his staff, the Chiefs have been a tough team to beat at home. Arrow Head Stadium has always been hometown friendly for many years. In 2016, KC had 2 late season losses to Tampa Bay and Tennessee with identical scores of 19-17. Both games could have gone the other way. With so many injuries in 2016, they are a team to watch this year.)

Denver: 33 – 7
Green Bay: 30 – 9 – 1
Minnesota: 28 – 12

While it is always great to play at home, the real advantages are that the team 1) gets their stadium, fans, locker rooms, 2) they go home every night to their families, beds and, more importantly, 3) there are no packing bags and traveling to another city. These teams have a winning tradition as well as top football organizations whose hard work and dedication to winning pays off, especially at home. In Las Vegas, this automatically translates to a 3-point advantage for playing at home.

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