From September 9: Welcome Back NFL

We are finally here. It’s game day and we are ready. The Teams are on the way to the stadium and by now, everyone has had the time to get their bets in. We are going with Tampa Bay to win and cover. The game has the feel of a 38 to 24 pounding by the Super Bowl Champs. Sounds like an easy pic to open the season. The betting public agree, as it opened up in June at – 6 and is now – 8 ½.

We bet this game in June and -6 and bought a point to be at – 5 and laying – 140. At the time it looked like a big number. Laying 140 to win 100 seems to be just fine. We like the idea of being under 2 FGs. We have 3 hours to kick off and the line have gone to 9 in some places. Seems the public believes all the hype.

Sometimes we have a huge advantage by making our wager earlier. Keep an eye on week 2, the Browns home opener against the Texans. The line will be high, but it will be higher at game time.

We have already picked the packers to win over the Saints in an earlier post. We will breakdown the rest of our picks tomorrow at 6:00 pm est.

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