From September 23: Week 3 – Adjustments, Injuries, and Betting Lines

Every year, Weeks 3 and 4 are the hardest weeks to pick a winner. The betting lines are too high this early in the season. All 32 teams are making adjustments, and the list of injuries is starting with a bang. We have 8 teams who are 2 – 0, 13 teams who are 1 – 1, 9 teams at 0 – 2. We even have the 49ers, who are 3 – 0 and finally the Giants at 1 – 2.

The 9 teams who are 0 – 2 are in trouble. They must win, otherwise they can kiss their season goodbye, along with a few head coaches. Some of these teams will be good bets, but not this week.

The 49er game was our easy one this week. Monday night keep an eye on the Buccaneer – Eagle game. Let’s see how Tampa Bay matches up with one of the top teams in the NFC. Next week they travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints, with Alvin Kamara, coming off a 3 game suspension. New Orleans are a different team with Kamara, and we will wait for that early line.

This week we are on a 2 team, 7 point teaser.
Baltimore – 1
KC – 5 ½
We are laying – 280 to win 200.

Week 3 is about changes and adjustments. Hold on to your cash, Week 4 is only 7 days away.

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