From October 3: Week 4

There are 14 teams must win today.
New England
New York Jets
New York Giants

This is a tough week to because the betting lines are high. There are some good teams playing other good teams. The 2 games that stick out are, the Bills at home over the Texans and their 3rd string QB, Davis Mills. They were over matched last week at home against Carolina. We picked that game and saw Houston play Week 1 against Jacksonville as well as Carolina against the Jets.

The Texans are over matched here and the line is a crazy – 17. Play it of not, these are 2 different teams. Buffalo has an excellent secondary and Davis Mills will be under attack all day. I would go with Buffalo and buy ½ a point and keep under 3 scores or look at the over / under. The forecast is for rain.

The world is Taking Tampa Bay and Laying – 7. We like the game for 2 reasons. One it is TB 12 coming home with the Super Bowl team and the other is all about the book that just came out this week explaining how Tom and Bill said goodbye after 20 years on a telephone call. This was confirmed by Brady this week. That changes this game into a personal game with no love lost between Brady and Belichick.
he Patriots are another team, that just doesn’t match up on the field. If there is a line move, stay at -7 or buy a point. Tampa Brady and is not going to lose to Mac Jones.

Week 4 has never been a good week to bet. Teams are still making adjustment’s, not executing plays and under big pressure to perform. Stay with the best teams , or situations. The best games are all ahead of us.

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