From Oct 8: Week 6

What do we know?

We know there are teams in the NFL with winning QBs. For the past few years, it has always been Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. The Elite of the NFL. 

We call them Quarterbacks you can trust to win, week to week. They’re great, reliable and your always in the game with them.

Each year there are also a handful of teams that break away from the pack and distinguish themselves as one of the better or worst teams of the season.

After 5 weeks you can see the pattern of who’s good.

New England 5 – 0. What else is there to be said about them?

Buffalo 4 – 1. A great defense and a tough team.

KC 4 – 1. We all know about Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes.

New Orleans 4 – 1. A team that just beats you up.

San Francisco 4 – 0. The surprise team of 2019.

Seattle 4 – 1. Russell Wilson will always keep you in the game.

Here are our awful 8. These are the teams we try to bet against. They are also impossible to bet on.

The Broncos are 1 – 4 and going nowhere.

The Steelers at 1 – 4 are just as bad.

The Falcons at 1 – 4 should all be ashamed for their play so far.

The Arizona Cardinals, 1 – 3 – 1, are hard on the eyes.

The Cincinnati Bengal fans should get a refund for the 0 – 5 season there having.

The New York JETS, 0 – 4 record, speaks for itself. Bad Coach, bad results.

The Washington Redskins, who have had terrible health issues the last 3 years have drowned at 0 – 5

The Miami Dolphins, 0 – 4, should be fined for gutting a team and for having poor managerial skills.

This is our list of the best and worst teams for 2019. What they all have in common is our ability to identify them when they play a better or worse team. The other 18 teams we can watch, Not Bet. Right now in Week 6, these are the Money Teams.

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