From Oct. 27: Week 8 – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Clint Eastwood is not playing, but Week 8 should be named for one of his better movies. The table is set for a herd of wild Buffalo, as they will be having Dolphin for Sunday brunch.

Miami is up in Buffalo this Sunday and the team’s season is over. At 1 – 6, they have given up 207 points in 7 games. That makes them 31st in the league, just 3 points behind Washington in points given up so far in 2021.

The team who has allowed the fewest points is the Buffalo Bills. They have given up just 98 points. They faced off in Week 2 in Miami and the final score was 35 – 0. Last year they played in Buffalo week 17. Buffalo was fighting for the number # 1 seed and beat the Fins 56 – 26. Need we say more.

The word from Miami is that Tua played well the last 2 weeks and looked comfortable throwing the ball. We rewatched Miami’s Week 6 game and came away with the opinion that Tua looked okay in their loss to the 1 – 5 Jags. Okay is not the same thing as well.

Last week he threw for 4 TDs against the 3 – 3 Falcons. Again, he looked okay. Okay doesn’t guarantee a win.

A bit of a side note on Atlanta: the Falcons’ 3 wins came from the following teams: The 2 – 5 Giants, The 1 – 5 Jets and the 1 – 6 Dolphins.

The Bills have scored 203 points so far in 2021. The other 4 teams who have scored more are: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 233 points, the Arizona Cardinals with 225 points, the LA Rams with 207 points, and the Dallas Cowboys with 205.

The Line is -13 1/2. The Bills are coming off a Bye week and home. Lay the points, or buy one if you feel it’s a bit high. We feel this is a on sided game. Buffalo wins going away.

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