From Oct. 23: Week 7 – What a Year

This 2020 season of COVID-19 has turned the NFL into one big Mash unit. Every week the first 2 questions seem to be: 1) Who is injured? and 2) Who tested positive? Last week, we watched the Ravens commit 12 penalties and drop a few passes that should have been caught. They led 17- 0 at the half and let the Eagles back in the game. Baltimore played a sloppy game and need to clean up their act. We hit big with Tennessee over Houston and are sad to say Chicago beat Carolina. The Bears are still the worst team with a winning record.

We like the Chargers coming off a bye week to beat the Jags at home. The line is – 7 ½ but we can buy it down to 7. The Jags have given up 33, 31, 33, 30 and 34 points over the last 5 games. We did not include Week 1 when the Jags they played Indy and Rivers, now on the Colts, threw 2 interceptions and lost their #1 running back for the year.

Their QB, Gardner Minshew, has been playing awful. The Defense has only 5 sacks for the year and the Chargers’ rookie QB will have plenty of time to throw. The Chargers are much better than their record shows. They lost to KC by 3 points, 5 to Carolina, 7 to Tampa Bay and 3 to the Saints. They have played some of the best teams and are now playing at home after a bye week. They’re healthy and beat the Jags last year, 45 – 10. We are going to bet them straight up and making a 6 ½ point teaser bet with KC.

We are not in the habit of making prop bets because the house has the better odds and need 2 winners to win. We are taking the Chiefs over the Broncos and laying – 3 in this wager.

The weather forecast for Denver this Sunday is a high of 22 and 1 to 3 inches of snow. We like KC to win and only laying 3 points here and 1 with the Chargers looks good. To clarify it even more, we are laying – 260 to win 200.

We are also playing Tampa Bay and stepped out at – 3 before they took the game off the board. Watch the board and keep an eye on this game. This game will come up again on Sunday after the Covid19 test results come in.

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