From Oct. 23: Week 7 – Fire Away!

A good bet in only good if you win. You can have the best team, be home, best record, best coaches, but all of this means nothing, if your team has an off day, or a few turnovers. We saw this Monday night with Buffalo and Tenn. Sometimes the best team does not win.

Tomorrow The Packers are home in Green Bay and playing Washington. Nothing seems to be going right for them. They have lost the last 4 games by 30 or more and given up 186 points after 6 games. That does make them the # 1 team in giving up TDs. Their only 2 wins were against The Giants and the Falcons.

The betting line is -8. You can buy a point, but we see the Packers winning and covering the spread with plenty to spare. We feel this is a good game to step out.

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