From Nov. 17/Week 11: Opportunity is Knocking

One of the games we like is the Oakland Raiders over the Cincinnati Bengals

The Raiders right now are seeded 6th and have a great chance to pick up a game on Houston 6-3 and Baltimore 7 – 2 who are seeded, respectively, 2 and 3 and playing each other. They can even pick up a game against the Chiefs, seeded 4th and playing against the Chargers.

Gruden has read the schedule and knows with a win today and the Jets next week, his Raiders are quietly 7 – 4. With KC losing 4 games and still have the Chargers, Patriots and Bears, down the road, the Raiders can win the Division and perhaps more. These facts only heighten the motivation for Oakland to come out sky high against the 0 – 9 Bengals.

The line is – 12 and we are going to buy a point or 2. This is a one sided game.

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