From Nov. 13: Week 10 – Favorite vs Underdog

Last weekend, 10 of the 13 games played were won by the underdog team. This past Thursday another dog won. Does Vegas really give us the right line? We will break this down in our next post. Let’s look at the games.

Entering week 10, our eyes are on the New England Patriots. The Pat have won 5 games against rookie QBs. They beat The Jets, Houston, Jets again, the Chargers and Carolina. Herbert is a 2nd year QB, but he still has lots to learn.

The Patriots have managed to confuse these rookie QBs with hidden defense formations and some real blitzing to force these 5 QBs to throw 11 interceptions. The Pats beat the 5 rookies and lost to teams who can play.

This week the Patriots are home to the Browns and the line is, New England – 2 ½. The Pats leading runner Damien Harris is out. We are taking the points and going with Cleveland. The Pats are 1 – 4 at home this year. We are fine, having a team with more talent and getting points.

Green Bay is home and Rogers is playing. He came up empty after week 1 and told the world after the game, not to worry. We have listened to him and now after a short Covid break he is home and playing the 3 – 5 Seahawks. The Seahawks are not as good as the Packers. Green Bay are favored by 3 ½ and we will buy ½ a point to be at – 3 at home over Seattle.

Our 3rd play will be The Colts at home over Jacksonville. They are the Hungry team, at home in a dome. This team has more talent and needs to win to get into the playoff picture. The Line – 10 and will buy a point to keep it under 2 scores.

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