From Nov. 10/Week 10: High Lines and Injuries

Week 10 betting lines are on the rise. We are looking at 2 games today and like both to win. These are the 2 hot games starting with our number 2 game. 

2.. KC is at Tennessee and Mahomes is starting at QB. After watching Ryan Tannehill a number of years in Miami, we know he is an average quarterback with little talent. We are going with the Chiefs and laying 6. Andy Reid needs a win to keep pace. He wants to be home in January.

1. The Colts are home vs Miami and it’s a no contest game. Miami is horrible and their only actual player is out. Brian Hoyer is the QB for the Colts and they have already played and won against the Chiefs and the Texans. We know they can handle the Dolphins. Lay the 10 or try to buy 1 point. Home in a dome = cash.

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